We are a community that empowers families
to choose a future of harmony and sustainability.

The mission of Kids Need Both, Inc., is to provide education and support to families experiencing child custody conflict.

Our vision is a global phenomenon of Love, Generosity and Restoration of Family Relationships that work for everyone by transforming the way families, professionals and systems navigate the challenges of maintaining the eternal unity of the family bond.


KNB is unique because our service model is unique

We have positioned ourselves as an integrated resource hub, where each service builds on, and feeds into, the other. We focus on Education, Empowerment, Development and Prosperity, through mediation, training, coaching and media. Our training is accessible to both parents and professionals, to empower themselves and others going through divorce.

Our stakeholders are parents, children and extended family, as well as the experienced professionals who assist them, and the communities that are affected by disruptions in the family unit.

By providing intensive, curated, uninterrupted services for families, we help them save thousands in court and related fees, time away from work and family, and extended emotional trauma. By offering training for professionals, we support them to upgrade their knowledge, skills and income in the service of positive outcomes for their clients.

Certified Family Mediation - Danica Joan, M.Ed.

Curated Resources and Education

Hope 4 Families is a social platform designed to connect families with experts in the child custody space.

We help professionals and advocates with course, content & program development business development services, The H4F Network allows professionals  to showcase their expertise and enables them reach clients and a broader audience.

Child Custody Coaching - Danica Joan, M.Ed.

Parents Don’t Have to Go it Alone

Coaching is simple. Having a long-term coach partnering to walk you through the battle can predictably save time, money and reduce the traumatic impact on the family.

It is like having a wise and trusted partner illuminating your path and helping you find certainty, so that you can powerfully create an outcome that you desire. It is taking your power back and being in the drivers seat of your life.

Co-Parenting Courses - Danica Joan, M.Ed.

State Certified Education Program

My co-parenting curriculum provides information to parents  involving custody, care, visitation, and support of a child or children and is offered live in-person from our Central Florida classrooms and live via Webinar in ALL U.S. states and territories.

In-Person (Central Florida)

Live, Webinars (worldwide)

Co-Parenting Courses - Danica Joan, M.Ed.

Books, Blogs, Podcasts, Webinars, etc.

The Overcoming Mediocrity series of books was created to become a global movement to elevate women who are on a quest to share their stories and wisdom with the world.

Custody Matters Live! is a community of family advocacy experts helping families successfully navigate the systems of education, legislation, courts & mental health.


We Stand for P.E.A.C.E.


Accompanying you through your journey so that you are not alone


Guiding families to choose a future of harmony and sustainability


Protecting the rights of families through community action


Alleviating the suffering of families in high conflict custody matters


Providing professionals and families with access to valuable resources

Let’s Get Your Family THRIVING Again! Connect with Us.