Founder & CEO

Danica Joan Dockery, M.Ed

A dedicated educator, family mediator, and advocate for children and families, with over 20 years of experience in education, Danica has developed a passion for helping families navigate difficult situations and find the best possible outcomes for their children.

Danica holds a Master’s degree in Education from American Intercontinental University. She is a certified family mediator. In her work, Danica draws upon her extensive experience in education to help families navigate difficult situations and make informed decisions about their children’s futures.

She is the founder of Kids Need Both, an organization that provides resources and support to families navigating divorce and separation. Through her work with Kids Need Both, Danica has helped countless families find ways to co-parent effectively and minimize the impact of divorce on children.

In addition to her work with Kids Need Both, Danica is a sought-after trainer on issues related to divorce, co-parenting, and family mediation. She has presented at conferences and workshops across the country, and has been featured in numerous media outlets for her expertise and insights.

Danica is also the author of “A Happy Child Co-Parenting Course”, a court ordered family stabilization course for parents who are navigating the challenges of co-parenting after a breakup. Her book is widely acclaimed for its practical advice and compassionate approach to helping families navigate this difficult time.

Danica’s passion for helping families extends beyond her work with Kids Need Both. She is also the co-creator of the platform, a collaborative community that provides education, support and resources to families through partnership with like minded organizations.

In all of her work, Danica is committed to helping families find hope, healing, and the best possible outcomes for their children. Her dedication to this mission has made her a trusted resource and advocate for families across the country.

Board of Directors

Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson is a highly respected director and advocate for children’s rights, best known for his work with the non-profit organization Kids Need Both. He has been instrumental in developing programs that support children from separated families, emphasizing the importance of maintaining strong relationships with both parents. Robert’s passion for helping children stems from his own personal experiences, and he is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable. He is widely respected for his integrity, compassion, and dedication to the cause of children’s rights, and continues to be an influential voice in the field.

Dawn Endria McCarty

Dawn brings over 20 years’ experience in the information and cyber security field to her own company, Securing Everything. She is an international speaker, a principle in the “Erasing Family” Documentary, the former founding Chair for the National Parents Organization of Florida, and a Guardian ad Litem. Dawn brings the perspective of a surviving adult child of divorce or separation, in high conflict cases. Her mantra is that “Parents may get a divorce; children do not divorce their parents!” She is an advocate for the voice of children around the world, who have had a parent erased. Her mission is to educate parents and other interested parties of the importance that children maintain as close to equal access with both of their parents as possible.

Advisory Board

Nathan Benamoz (Technologies)

At 21, Nathan managed vehicle deliveries at Tesla for the entire state of Florida, the largest delivery region outside of California. He was a top performer, on track to advance rapidly, with an assured successful corporate career, but opted to burn this boat to pursue his dreams. Having closed this door, Nathan opened another one, where he discovered and cultivated his talent, in marketing and media. He’s been employed by, and managed business development projects, in industries including finance, healthcare and personal development. His work with Kids Need Both is helping us get clear on our message, our infrastructure, and is designing our innovative media platforms.

In Memoriam – Joan Morfesy Davies Briand (Local Communities)

In 2023, we bid farewell to a beloved advocate, Joan Morfesy Davies Briand, who recently passed away. She was a professor in the Business Management department at Polk State College, a Speech Communication Instructor at South Florida State College, and a Speech Communication Adjunct Instructor at Hillsborough Community College. In addition to her academic pursuits, Joan was a published writer, award-winning creative designer, and video producer. She also served as an on-camera personality, a teacher, a leader, a coach, a devoted mother, and a loving wife.

Throughout her life, Joan exemplified creativity and resourcefulness. She deeply understood the value of “letting go” as a profound gift to oneself, and she encouraged others to embrace this wisdom sooner rather than later. Furthermore, Joan discovered that the path to joy is never out of reach, no matter one’s age or circumstances. She believed in the power of reclaiming oneself, finding fulfillment, and rediscovering purpose. For those who felt burdened by life’s baggage or had lost sight of their why, Joan’s wisdom echoed a simple truth – the magic resides within each person, waiting to be unlocked.

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