Much of what causes trauma in families experiencing divorce is fear of the unknown, unnecessarily litigative approach of legal counsel, or inability to recognize when it’s time to take action to protect a client from bullying. And, when a family experiences unnecessary delays in their case, they can feel confused, unsupported, and victimized by not only their ex, but the system itself.

Attorneys are not trained to take the role of counselor or coach, so when their client anxiously reaches out for answers, an attorney may feel annoyed and frustrated with their own client and therefore lack the interest to represent them optimally.

What does KNB provide that changes the trajectory of a family’s future?

  • Our vetted directory of heart-centered experts and the resources they provide help parents with clear direction that reduces time, emotional and financial impact on the family.
  • Our coaching groups and one-on-one coaches help individuals to shift from fearful and anxious to confident and calm.
  • The educational courses and webinars by industry experts effectively give individuals the distinctions they need to be at the helm of their own journey.
  • The blogs from our experts, allows these professionals and our partner organizations the opportunity to showcase their expertise.

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