Healing Families Documentary


Feature-Length Documentary Shows the Power of One to Change the World

For immediate Release: June 29, 2011

Lakeland, FL

When Danica Joan Fields set out to change her world, she didn’t let anything discourage her. Starting in 2001, when in a volatile divorce, which included five and a half years of court hearings, domestic violence accusations, open investigations with child services and psychological evaluations, Danica knew that her situation was a desperate one. Unfortunately, no one really understood the damaging effects of parental alienation syndrome and its rippling damage on the community. She wants to change that through a feature-length documentary project she is taking on.

As it is right now, half of all children will witness the breakup of a parent’s marriage. Of these, close to half will also see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage. Furstenberg, Peterson, Nord, and Zill, “Life Course.” The likelihood of legal battles among ex-partners who have children together is high. Children are caught in the middle of a volatile situation, and many times expected to participate against a parent in support of the other.

Recently through participation in Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program, Danica has taken on this huge documentary project to generate a conversation in the community affected by such hostile aggressive parenting tactics. “My hope,” Danica reflects, “is that this project it will create the opportunity for concerned parents, child advocates and the legal system to consider a different way of handling highly volatile custody battles. This possibility can be realized through education and workability, not destructive force.”

The predictable future if no action is taken is that these children will grow up resentful of one or both parents and could lead to a pattern of destructiveness in the child’s future with their own spousal and parenting relationships.

This documentary project will follow one woman’s inspired effort to create and implement a state and local presence for Parental Alienation Awareness Organization, which is a gender balanced non-profit group based in Springfield, Illinois. Filming commenced in May and will continue through October.

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Production Needs List
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Demonstrates or performs content


Draws or uses software for illustrations, characters, backgrounds, etc
Audio Technician Records sound and edits it
Cameraperson Films or takes still photos; digitizes to computer
Computer Expert Programs or codes interactive environments on computer
Historian does content research and/or acts as journalist, maintains master copy of all project documentation
Musician plays or chooses music to be used
Planner Develops production schedule, rents equipment (if necessary)
Producer Oversees the whole process, procures releases and handles copyright issues
Publicist Creates press releases and the announcement for the Premiere
Site Coordinator Scopes out and coordinates location(s) for filming, recording, etc
SME Subject Matter Expert to work with Historian, Writer
Transcriptionist Transcribes all audio
Writer Writes all content, scripts, presentations, and accompanying documentation

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