Distance Visitation Platform

We are always looking for ways to break down the barriers that parents face in developing and maintaining a meaningful relationship with their children. Our newest service is the Distance Visitation Platform which is designed so that parents may exercise their visitation with a child of any age and in any part of the world. We believe that in order for a child to be whole and complete they must have a meaningful relationship with both parents. This platform incorporates webcam technologies, text messaging and whiteboard activities for sharing a meaningful connection with your child or grandchild in a controlled environment that can be documented. The platform logs when each participant arrives and for how long. The session can also include a supervisor to monitor supervised visitation needs. And each session can be recorded for court officials to see exactly what has transpired during visitation sessions. Our goal is to make this service affordable to every parent. We are currently in the beta testing and will be offering it free of charge during this testing period so that you can help us get the kinks out. To participate, please contact our enrollment specialist who can set up an appointment with us to get you on your way to unencumbered visitation with the children you so dearly love. ENROLLMENT LINE: 888/310-6630

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