Who we are

Our mission is to bring education and mediation to professionals and individuals impacted by high conflict families through co-parenting education and child visitation solutions. What’s so right now is that over 50% of all marriages result in divorce. And many of those divorces involve children. The likelihood of legal battles among ex-partners who have children together is high. The children are caught in the middle of a volatile situation, and many times expected to participate against another parent in support of the other. The predictable future if no action is taken, is that these children will be, at the very least, resentful of being robbed of a harmonious childhood. At the worst, the relationship with one or both parents is destroyed. This kind of high-drama upbringing could also lead a repeat pattern of destructiveness in the child’s future relationships with partners and their own children. The possibility for this project is to create an opportunity for concerned parents, child advocates and the legal system to consider a different way of handling highly volatile custody battles. This possibility can be realized through harmony and workability, not destructive force. When Danica Joan Fields, the founder of Kids Need Both, Inc, set out to change her world, she didn’t let anything discourage her. Starting in 2001, when in a volatile divorce, which included nearly six years of court hearings, domestic violence accusations, open investigations with child services and psychological evaluations, Danica knew that her situation was a desperate one. Unfortunately, no one really understood the damaging effects of parental alienation syndrome and its rippling damage on the community. Now, through the efforts of numerous individuals, Kids Need Both, Inc is a thriving non-profit agency based in Central Florida that offers State approved co-parenting classes, court ordered parenting classes, supervised visitation and child exchange. Classrooms are located throughout Central and South Florida.

A non-profit Protecting Families through Education & Mediation