Family Advocacy Conference for Educators, Lawyers and Mental Health Professionals Who Are Impacted by High-Conflict Families


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Who is it for?

If you are someone who has been impacted by a family experiencing a high-conflict custody battle, then this is a must attend event. We have chosen an incredible line-up of experts whose primary practices focus on improving outcomes for families experiencing custody battles and contact resistance. Our conference is primarily for professionals such as mental health counselors, legal professionals and educators to give them the tools to most effectively work with families. Parents are also encouraged to attend as they will gain a valuable understanding from the perspective of the professionals.


J. Michael Bone

J. Michael Bone, Ph. D

PA & PAS Consultant/Author

Topic: Parental Alienation and Psychological Child Abuse

Robert A. Evans, Ph.D

Educational Psychologist/Author

Topic: Parental Alienation and Psychological Child Abuse

Mark D. Roseman, Ph.D

Founder of the Toby Center for Family Transitions/Author

Topic: The Myths of Child Custody

Mark Ludwig

Founder of Americans for Equal Shared Parenting

Topic: Shared Parenting and the Title IV-D Connection

Dawn Endria McCarty

Chair for National Parents Organization of Florida

Topic: Erasing Family No More

Abigail Kenny

Miss America 2020 Contestant

Topic: Professionals Need to Know This: A Kid’s Perspective

Catherine McWillie

Founder of Custody Calculations

Topic: False Child Abuse Allegations An Epidemic in Family Law: How to Prepare Pre/Post Investigations. Deterrents and Other Options.

Sallie Brisbane Stone, EdD

Educator, Owner of Well Done Events

Topic: When Parents Bring their Conflict to School: An Administrator’s Perspective

Caroline Rena & Noel Neu

Empathic Partners, Inc and Indivinity Healing Medicine Music

Indivinity Healing Medicine Music

Eric Carroll

Dad Talk Today Network Founder

Topic: Global Change Through Social Media & Advocate Collaboration

Danica Joan MEd

Kids Need Both, Inc Founder

Wendy Perry

Parental Alienation Certified School Trainer and Family Support Specialist

Topic: Parental Alienation In Schools

Kids Need Both, Inc

Our mission is to bring education and mediation to professionals and individuals impacted by high conflict families through co-parenting education and child visitation solutions. What’s so right now is that over 50% of all marriages result in divorce. And many of those divorces involve children. The likelihood of legal battles among ex-partners who have children together is high. The children are caught in the middle of a volatile situation, and many times expected to participate against another parent in support of the other. The predictable future if no action is taken, is that these children will be, at the very least, resentful of being robbed of a harmonious childhood. At the worst, the relationship with one or both parents is destroyed. This kind of high-conflict upbringing could also lead a repeat pattern of destructiveness in the child’s future relationships with partners and their own children. The possibility we are creating is an opportunity for concerned parents, child advocates and the legal system to consider a different way of handling highly volatile custody battles. This possibility can be realized through harmony and workability, not destructive force.

The Guardians & Gatekeepers Conference

This Conference is for professionals (and parents) and is focused on training educators, lawyers and mental health professionals who are impacted by high-conflict families. Kids Need Both’s goal is to provide professionals with clear understanding of the hidden dynamics prevalent in high conflict families. Our team invited specific experts and global leaders to speak at this event. Attendees will walk away with solid knowledge of the hidden aspects of custody conflicts as they relate to the community and its impact on families and subsequent generations. Additionally participants will discover common mis-steps professionals can avoid, by using evidence-based approaches to bringing healing to hurting families.

Our Speakers

“Danica is the Founder and Executive Director of Kids Need Both, Inc. She has been an educator and advocate for nearly 20 years. Her mission is to transform families experiencing conflict to bring workability and healthy communication. As an author for a nationally recognized family stabilization curriculum, Danica is an expert on Parental Alienation (PA), Hostile Aggressive Parenting (HAP). She is a certified Anger Management and Domestic Violence Specialist and Family Mediator. “
“With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Evans is trained to encourage collaborative problem solving through open and honest communication resulting in effective co-parenting, the building of prosperous relationships, and providing support for individual growth and responsibility. He creates an opportunity for those in the divorce process to participate in open, honest and respectful relationships with themselves and others so they can co-parent effectively, communicate well and respect themselves and others. Dr. Evans provides comprehensive services including: Parenting Coordination, Child Custody Evaluations and Consultations with Attorneys and Clients. Dr. Evans is trained, experienced and objective. He is seriously concerned with the “Best Interests” of our clients. He is committed to not just meeting, but exceeding your highest expectations.”
Dr Bone is a Consulting Psychologist whose sole focus in on the problem of Parental Alienation. He has been working in this area for the last 25 years and has worked with all of the field’s pioneers. His current area of interest is in how this problem is best presented to the Family court.
Dr. Stone is an experienced educator and administrator with 20 plus years of experience across academic levels to include elementary, secondary, adult, and higher-ed. She has extensive experience in working with charter schools in Florida and one highlight of her career includes being the founding Principal of a local collegiate charter high school. She has served as an adjunct professor/site supervisor with Grand Canyon University working with teachers in their clinical courses and principals in their internship courses. She currently serves as a substitute mentor for Kelly Educational Staffing providing support, professional development and evaluation processes for substitutes working in the Polk County School District.
No special schools or degrees with this dad, just a single father of four girls that learned through making many mistakes and progressing along the way. My goal is to empower and inspire other fathers alike as we make our journey through this life. One step at a time, and we can do it together.
After enduring what has been called “the worst known case of parental alienation and the most corrupt family court case in the history of Tarrant County Texas” Wendy became motivated to break the silence about parental alienation. In 2011, Wendy began hosting monthly support group meetings, the format of which has become the template for parental alienation support group meetings around the world. Also in 2011, Wendy began hosting the annual Parental Alienation Awareness Day/Bubbles of LOVE Day DFW event. This signature event, which has featured world renowned experts such as Dr. Richard Warshak, is supported by over 50 mayors in North Texas and has been attended by hundreds of people. In 2014, Wendy’s court case was featured in the critically acclaimed documentary Divorce Corp. In 2017, Wendy was the chairperson and host of the Parental Alienation Symposium in Dallas, Texas. “Parental Alienation Symposium 2017” made history as the largest event to date solely dedicated to the subject of parental alienation. The symposium featured keynote speaker Dr. Craig Childress and was attended by 250 people from around the world. In 2018, Dr. Craig Childress invited Wendy to join him and be the “point person” for the delivery of the “Ending The Pathology Of Parental Alienation For All Children Everywhere” petition to the American Psychological Association in Washington DC. Wendy also made the opening and closing statements at the National Press Club in Washington DC in connection with the petition delivery. Wendy is the ONLY Texas Education Agency (TEA) Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Provider giving training to schools specifically about parental alienation and co-parenting in relation to school procedures and policies as well as student health and safety! Wendy has been fortunate to receive the support of Dr. Richard Warshak, Dr. Craig Childress, Dr. Sue Cornbluth, Ryan Thomas and many other top experts in the field of parental alienation. Wendy’s passions and strengths include giving educational presentations to the public and professionals, giving TV and radio interviews, giving support to targeted and alienated parents as well as conference and event planning. Whether it’s experts or advocates or families, one of Wendy’s gifts is bringing people together for awareness, education and support.
Executive Director of Americans For Equal Shared Parenting. Active in 24 states with legislation. Personally met with over 400 legislators nationwide. 30 years of political experience. Mission to educate and empower leaders across the US to help pass 50/50 rebuttal presumption at the state level and changes to Title IV-D at the federal level.
“Rising out of a tragic childhood, Dawn has been passionate about being the voice for children. She and her father were erased from each other’s lives for 16,060 days, until they were finally reunited, before he passed away two short years later. In her path to healing, she has chosen to advocate in many areas to help prevent this from happening to children around the world. Realizing her story is not the only one, Dawn inspires others like her—formerly erased children—to encourage them to share their stories. She has become an ambassador for children, an associate producer for the Erasing Family documentary that exposes the role and effect that a flawed family court system has in family bond obstruction. Additionally, she recently opened and Chairs the first National Parents Organization of Florida (NPO Florida). NPO Florida focuses on improving state statutes that intend to make all fit and available parents equal to the other in the eyes of the child, preventing one parent from having more control or say over the other. She fights for the child’s human rights to be free to love and be loved, raised, with access to both fit and loving parents equally.
Abigail was raised in Tarpon Springs, Florida by her mother and adoptive father. At 16 years old, Abigail’s mother lost custody of her and her sister to their adoptive parents. Currently Abigail completes in pageants as an opportunity to speak about suicide prevention and how it can impact teens experiencing family instability. She has held one national title and four state titles and currently is a preparing to compete in Miss Florida in the Miss America 2020 competition. The organizations she promotes are National Alliance on Mental Illness and Project No Labels.
Catherine MacWillie has 37 years of experience dealing with Family Law. 24 years as a law enforcement officer with the Los Angeles Police Department responding to radio calls dealing with divorce and custody issues. She was also a first responder to child abuse investigations and other specialized units impacted by Family Law. The past 13 as a Child Custody and Divorce Coach. Catherine spent 10 years researching Family Law identifying that divorce and custody issues may be responsible for 25% crime in United States Homicides, suicides, abduction, child abuse, domestic violence, violation of court orders, violation of restraining orders, stalking and more. Catherine is an advisory board member of the National Family Law Policy Center and the International Support Network of Alienated Families. She is the prior president of Stop PAS, and the prior board member of Parental Alienation Awareness Organization. She is a member of Parental Alienation Study Group and frequently lectures in the United States and internationally on Family Law issues. Catherine lectures both domestically and internationally. Adolescent Medicine and Child Psychiatry Conference, 2017, Berlin, on Court, Crime and Parental Alienation. Parental Alienation Study Group, 2017, Washington DC on Parental Alienation and Law Enforcement. Again in 2019, Philadelphia on Brave New World: What a Revamped Family Law System Would Look Like. International Academy of Law and Mental Health 2019 Rome. Why Parallel Parenting and Not Co-Parenting is the Better Option in High Conflict Cases. International Support Group of Alienated Parents, both in 2014, Impact of Parental Alienation and False Child Abuse Investigations, Long Beach and Los Angeles. Along with numerous conference calls with other organizations locally, as well as the mid west and the east coast are just a few examples.
Çonsultant, writer and author in field of child custody, reunification and parental alienation.
“Caroline Rena works as an Energy Healing Practitioner, Life Leadership/Spiritual Coach and Noel Neu, MS, LMHC works as a Licensed Psychotherapist in Florida and Energy Healing Practitioner as Empathic Partners, Inc. We combine our gifts and skills to bring a new and deeper way of healing for our clients who have been through trauma and are ready to recover, heal and grow through psychotherapy, coaching, energy healing, healing songwriting workshops and as Indivinity, playing Healing Medicine Music. Original songs written for connection to help heal ourselves and others. The notes, at 432 hz, dive deeply into the body and connect with our cells. The vibration of peaceful, loving songs is what heals with words that speak of peace, joy, love, connection, etc. Listen, feel, and feed your heart and soul so you can bring peace to your life and the planet. To connect with Indivinity: Subscribe to Us on YouTube Like and Follow Us on Facebook Follow Us on Instagram Follow Us on Twitter You can find our new EP, One of a Kind, on Spotify, Google Play, Tidal, and IHeart Radio.”

Partial Scholarships Available

We have a limited number of partial scholarships available to allow alienated parents the ability to attend. If you are requesting consideration, please submit your request to info@kidsneedboth.org


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