Danica Joan Fields

Mother’s Day is time day set aside to honor mothers everywhere. It brings tremendous joy to many. However, it can also bring overwhelming pain to the childless woman. Whether it is due to infertility, death of a child or alienation, it is heartbreaking. As a previously alienated mother, I understand the pain of Mother’s Day. Historically mothers were the primary caregivers. So when a mother suffers the loss of that role, due to no fault of her own, it is extremely painful. The internal conversation usually goes something like this, “people must think I’m a bad mother because I don’t have custody of my children.” Schools do a great job of honoring Mothers with events and handmade artwork. Sadly, if the mother is alienated, she could be excluded from these events. It is important that every teacher reach out with compassion to both parents, no matter where the child sleeps at night. Do not contribute to the marginalization of a parent. I challenge you this Mother’s Day to honor all women. Go to a dollar store and spend $10 on something that you can hand out to any woman you come across, especially a woman who is NOT with children. You never know the difference you might have made to her.